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It’s up, it’s down…

I think this first week is going to be like this: it works, it’s cool. It’s not working. What happened? Sigh. I think it’s the heatwave. It’s unimaginably hot here and i must admit it makes focus blury by four … Continue reading

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Facebook, PlaceBook, Teachbook…

I promised myself i wouldn’t keep writing about the Facebook legal stuff. I’m over it. Still, all the “big news” about them suing Teachbook, and Teachbook vowing to fight… well… I thought i’d at least comment since all my friends … Continue reading

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The Beta is Underway… and other post-party notes

After a not-inconsiderable effort last night, we opened our private beta and began what will be a multi-week process of widening the userbase and managing feedback and improvements. If you’re signed up for the beta already and haven’t heard from … Continue reading

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We tell the world: PlaceBook is now TripTrace!

I just posted this at the PlaceBook blog: Can’t talk now. We’re getting ready for a party. I hear a sigh from California Avenue…

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Coming Soon: Users.

Friday ends the halcyon days of web development. For every start-up there is this frenetic period of creative invention and construction. It’s crazy fun. Ideas are sketched and take form. But it’s a fool’s paradise: there are no users. The … Continue reading

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Finals Week

Over the next few days we’re putting key touches on the TripTrace beta site. I forget how true it is — building a website is like building a house. There’s a ton of work that goes on first, architects and … Continue reading

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But do they have a sense of humor?

I got a new camcorder today. A decade. That was my lifespan in MiniDV tape that has now been replaced with solid-state recording media. What to shoot? I need to learn to use this camera.* Ian (FOT=friend of team) comes … Continue reading

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