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Private Places – Under Development

One of the great features in TripTrace is that you can add your own content to your maps – privately – but that you can see it along side other content that is public. There is an “Add Pin” button … Continue reading

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Post Your Map

Most of the TripTrace site is currently focused on being a utilitarian tool for users, but enough people asked to make their main map visible such that were happy to oblige, so… Go into the Quiz and when you’re done, … Continue reading

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Scoble Interview (full version)

(There is also a 2 minute teaser here:

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Our Vision

With all this talk about TripTrace as some hot new travel site, I thought i’d take a moment to sorta clear something up: we don’t think of ourselves as a travel site. We think of ourselves as a LOCATION site. … Continue reading

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TechCrunch Article

Oh right – did I utterly fail to gloat about this? (Thanks MG)   POST SCRIPT: I should point out that a few features mentioned in the article are as yet unreleased, and should be included in the next … Continue reading

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Friggin’ Logging Me Out…

It is my sense this is widespread problem – something in the way our load balancing is (not) working right now. I switch pages or open the Travel Book from the Altas, and next thing I know I’m logged out. … Continue reading

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It didn’t take a million emails for us to realize that folks were not recognizing the top level nav tabs. We thought they looked nice, but, as i’ve said here before, so what. Consequently, in short order, we’re changing the … Continue reading

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