Hell. At some point you have to clear out the garage. You’re never going to wear that old suit. You’re never going to fix that broken lawnmower…

In honor of the impending public opening of the TripTrace beta (any day now), we’ve decided that we’re not going to change our name back to PlaceBook (or PlacéBoök), and thus it’s time to move on. For all you legal scholars out there, this is not an admission that Facebook has the highground: I’m still convinced that the name is very apt for our site and it in no way infringes on those guys… but really, we’ve got our own website to invent and the fight really doesn’t seem worth it.

So – if you have legitimate interest in the domain and understand Facebook’s unnatural claims in this space, shoot us a note. Offers have been trickling in over the months, and we were never interested in discussing it. Effective today, we are.

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3 Responses to For Sale: PLACEBOOK.COM

  1. Travelista, Baby says:

    I’d like to see Google buy this. Wouldn’t that piss off Facebook? Or better: MySpace!!!

  2. rwvmunchkin says:

    I’d like to use the image of the PlaceBook logo for a school project, please.
    Please email me to let me know whether or not I can use this.
    (My email is

  3. rwvmunchkin says:

    I’d like to use the picture of your PlaceBook logo for a school project please.
    I put it up already, but if you would like me to remove it, please email me and I will dispose of it straightaway. My email is:

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