The “Private” is Off the Beta

You heard it here first, folks. As of 11:30pm PST, we pulled the wrapper off the site to let more people explore. That’s right. The site is live.

If you’re a checkin person, you’ll have a pretty interesting experience right away. I use my Foursquare checkins to drop pins in my map. Since Foursquare has public checkins, these will be shared with your Foursquare friends when they’re on TripTrace. It’s a great way to discover things to do when you’re places you don’t often go. (It also works with Facebook Places). We’ve added a first draft of the “History” map (shown here). Next week it will give you date ranges to explore, but now we’re keeping this here as a sort of place holder.

If you’re not a “social geo” kind of person it will take a little effort to see how the site functions — either grab yourself a clipper and bookmark some webpages to your Atlas — or just stick a pin in the map somewhere.

We gather some “preference” information during your signup to prime our recommendation engine, but the site won’t be making recommendations to you right away. Use the site a little and we’ll notify you when we have suggestions for places to go and things to do.

What else? We’ll be in the Google Chrome store later today, and the iPhone store with an app later this month. I’m sure you’ll have a range of reactions to aspects of the site. We’re really interested to hear what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to see more of.

This is just the beginning. Enjoy.

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