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Big Changes Coming Up! (I’m not kidding)

Yes, it’s been quiet on the blog-front for TripTrace — we’re moving offices and refocusing on making our products simpler and more useful. I’ll have a full outline of events later next week. We’ve also gone through some corporate restructuring: … Continue reading

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11:11 on 1/11/11 and what do we have to show for it?

We’re working on the difficulties on the site right now. Sincere apologies. And whatever you think, it’s NOT because of the supernatural effects of the date/time.   UPDATE at 5:55pm SITE FIXED. Weird bug in the list of cities in … Continue reading

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100 Million New Locations Added (!)

Perhaps the number one request from you, our first users, was to get more cities into the City Quiz (as we call it), where you keep track of cities you’ve been or plan to visit. I can’t tell you how … Continue reading

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A Smarter *Clipper*

Maybe it’s just me — but the TripClipper is one of the coolest features of TripTrace. Bookmarking tools just don’t do what this does — and if you used the site for nothing else, this would be a killer app. … Continue reading

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Browser Bugs in IE :(

As some of you have no doubt discovered, there are problems in our implementation on Internet Explorer. These manifest as sign-up oddities and — even if you get past that — there are frequent issues with the Quiz, the TripClipper … Continue reading

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