Our earliest user feedback…

David was in Europe this weekend and so I got him an early version to try. David wrote me tonight: “Pretty clean UX but will say it’s not obvious what this is for. I did look around in Munich and didn’t see anything. Then looked around in Detroit and ditto.”

This is our challenge – teaching people a slightly new user behavior. mapOmatic is not for searching out a restaurant. It has 3 major uses:

1) It’s for leaving breadcrumbs very easily. I’m in Munich — so i can always find my hotel (press +), and i’m walking around and here’s a cool little restaurant i should bring my family to later (press +), and that little sidestreet was really cool (press +). And now you have points on a map that are very handy, and can be labeled or organized if you wanted.

2) It’s for getting directions. There are many ways to enter in the destination – typing in an address, selecting a place from a list, etc. — but that address is saved for you.

3) It’s for the discovery of interesting places from your FRIENDS. While mapOmatic isn’t really social, it does let you benefit from the public sharing people do on social networks — and visualize all those recommendations from friends. So if you’re somewhere unfamiliar to you, but familiar to your friends, you’ll have an interesting map to work from as you explore.

mapOmatic is just a very simple tool for saving location when you’re out and about, saving and labeling them, and keeping them on a map for later.  Put it on your phone. Drop pins during your days at the various places you go. And start to see how quickly it becomes useful.


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