Tonight is that legendary night that startups have where they are cramming to finish up something before a push – in this case, we send our app to the Apple App Store tomorrow, and these are those long hours that are exciting and frustrating. I keep thinking how the Lean Startup guys were pushing me to launch two weeks ago. What a laugh. Even with this extra time, we’re going to be sliding in under the wire with a product i think that works well enough to get some useful feedback.

Ironically, LAST night was really the all-nighter. But we didn’t finish. So it’s tonight. I’m trying to be okay with just how imperfect it is – but its true – we just don’t know how folks will use it, so there are lots of unfinished elements that we might learn we don’t need to finish.

Rahmal is wiped out. Krishna has been operating on a few hours of sleep each night for a week. And me… i gave up sleep in 2010.  Here we go…

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