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3000th download today

It’s a start. Try ping and invite your friends to try it with you. TIP: you can “re-ping” after you ping, which seems to refresh the pings better.  Advertisements

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mapOmatic: misconceptions addressed

1. I would not say mapOmatic is a “social” location tool. There are some social elements certainly, but your locations are private. Nothing you do is shared, even if you connect to Facebook and Foursquare. No one can see where … Continue reading

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Does ping work? I see dick in Germany…

I love our early adopters!  Yeah, yeah… it’s sophomoric, but it caught me off-guard. I asked users how ping was working. I got a note back: “I see dick in Germany.” Thanks Kevin. Uhh… thanks Dick.

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Early Adopters: Try Ping at Noon PST

Version 1.2 released late last night, and we’re anxious to get some user feedback. The feature is rudimentary at this point, on purpose, but we would like to get a feeling if it’s useful. And what would make it moreso. … Continue reading

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Strange server bug

Hi folks. We’ve got an intermittent problem we need help nailing down. If you’re not seeing Recents all of a sudden, or if you see them but if you look at the details and can’t view them on your map … Continue reading

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Tutorial 2: Bookmarking from Web to Phone

MapOmatic Tutorial 2

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For New Users: a short tutorial for starting out

My mom asked for this. See if this helps you get going… MapOmatic Tutorial

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