5 Ping Tips

Quite a busy night of pinging, you crazy pingsters…

Here are some basic (perhaps obvious) tips for messing around here and staying smart:

  1. Don’t use your real name as your Ping Alias. Sorta obvious.
  2. Make your Ping Alias gender neutral. Even if you are a hot chick, it’s perhaps unwise to make your alias “HotChick”.
  3. Don’t ping (much) from home. Pinging is a great way to rendezvous. But if you don’t want to expose your permanent location, then don’t.
  4. Change your Ping Alias now and then. More than anything, a Ping Alias is a password – don’t hand it out thoughtlessly, and mix it up from time to time.
  5. Ping when you need to. Sure it’s fun, but its really a super powerful tool. If you use it mindfully it will provide years of service.

Overnight there has been massive pinging going on from all over the globe. And why not? It’s fun. I think it could be a great way to explore new places. 

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