Pingster 1.3 Released for iPhone

In the past couple days i’ve had opportunities to use Pingster in ways that made it clear that it’s really not like other apps, and it can be enormously useful. I was in San Francisco, North Beach, and was planning to meet an associate in Union Square. He was south of Market, and was going to meet me when his prior meeting was over. I was going to take a bus. While we planned to meet “around” 2pm, he wasn’t sure exactly when the meeting would be over, and he was on foot. I was at the mercy of the bus system. And we weren’t precisely clear WHERE we would meet. Just “in Union Square.”

Pingster made it simple. We pinged. We did whatever we needed to. And as I was on the bus i knew he could see me coming. I felt better noticing he was running late (which i could tell from his position). When I got off the bus I could see he was walking up another street… so I hopped off the bus and started moving in his direction. Without a call, text or other stress, we ran into each other on the street a block from the Square. It was great. And fun.

ANYWAY: Version 1.3 released today, which has two particularly good features.

First, instead of pinging only for 15 minutes, you can repeatedly press the Ping button and pump up the time as you’d like. You can still cancel any time, but it’s the easiest way to keep pinging for whatever duration makes sense. I ping on my commute. 45 minutes. I know it will shut off when i get home.

The "magic eye" in the flyout lets you "beam down" to the Google Street View instantly.

Second, we added a quick Google Street View to the flyout – so from a planetsize view, you can pop down to Earth (we think of it as “beaming down”) to see pretty much what the Pingster is seeing when they ping. Almost creepy, but not really. Have fun.

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