Yes, it seems like we all disappeared for the summer.  The real story involves a fire in a neighbor’s apartment after the 4th of July –which wiped out the building and sent our start-up into a bit of disarray. (They say that launching start-ups frequently involves putting out fires… but i’m reasonably sure that’s a metaphor…)

Anyway, we’re back in San Francisco – and after looking at the data from mapOmatic and Pingster use, we are confident we know what the product needs to be and how to get there. Engineering is underway with a vengeance; Pingster 2.0 will roll out later this fall – and trust me – it’s a game changer…

Until then, mess around with the current versions of our products; they’re exceptionally useful even in their rudimentary state. And watch this space for details. We’re really very excited.

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