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The CB Radio Rocked the ’70s. This is why:

I was a kid when CBs were hot. I was never sure how trucker culture rose so fast into the mainstream. But the device that empowered that culture was an open, anonymous, and mobile communicator. It was low-powered so, effectively, … Continue reading

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5000th Download Yesterday…6000th Tonight

And what a day of pinging! Apple released our new versions with little fanfare, and due to that oddness in AppStore, none of our existing users were notified of the update… still, we had thousands of pings yesterday. You almost … Continue reading

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In the Foursquare App Gallery!

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Facebook, PlaceBook, Teachbook, Assbook…

Every time a company gets a cease-and-desist from Facebook over using the “word plus book,” our company shows up in the requisite news article (as well it should) and we get a bajillion hits on our blog… and so I … Continue reading

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No one knows you're a dog, but they know where you are…

For as long as I can remember, the Internet provided an odd kind of shroud: it was frequently possible to have a sort of alter ego online. This 1993 New Yorker cartoon articulated this beautifully, and for more than a … Continue reading

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What's a "social network"?

For a range of reasons, the question has come up around here of what defines a social network. Wikipedia gives this broad statement (which i have slightly edited for length): A social network is a social structure made of individuals … Continue reading

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