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Yes, it seems like we all disappeared for the summer.  The real story involves a fire in a neighbor’s apartment after the 4th of July –which wiped out the building and sent our start-up into a bit of disarray. (They … Continue reading

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A Message for my friends about “Product Development”

I understand that it is confusing the way my projects are in constant flux. Only a year ago I was building a travel website called “TripTrace”. We never finished it because I needed to raise considerable capital to continue on … Continue reading

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Pingster at TechCrunch DISRUPT NYC

Monday is going to be interesting. It begins with a redeye from San Jose to JFK… then a cab to Pier 94… and then right into a solid day of Pingster demonstrations. It’s the official debut of Pingster – on … Continue reading

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Tonight is that legendary night that startups have where they are cramming to finish up something before a push – in this case, we send our app to the Apple App Store tomorrow, and these are those long hours that … Continue reading

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Great Debut. SXSW

SXSW (or “south-by” as everyone refers to it) was sorta the spring break that most of the geeks in attendance didn’t fully experience back in college. But they were making up for it. Anyway, highlights for me included Eric Ries’ … Continue reading

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Sign up for the mapOmatic beta!

We’re using LaunchRock to sign folks up — a cool new service for companies like ours. Click here: Note: mapOmatic is an iPhone application that not only will be intensely useful, but also connects to the TripTrace website for … Continue reading

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The “Private” is Off the Beta

You heard it here first, folks. As of 11:30pm PST, we pulled the wrapper off the site to let more people explore. That’s right. The site is live. If you’re a checkin person, you’ll have a pretty interesting experience right … Continue reading

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