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Releasing today*: Pingster

Yes, our list of names is pretty friggin long for a startup. Another app? Well – yes and no. There are presently thousands of people using mapOmatic, and the number grows all the time. But one of its most frequently … Continue reading

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Good News/Bad News

Well, we hadn’t expected the site traffic to be surging today the way it has. (This is why we’ve opted for a rather low key launch yesterday, hoping to avoid load problems, to no avail); unfortunately, the rash of login … Continue reading

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New Map Toys

Google changed something in their map code such that an interesting new feature emerged in the Atlas about 15 minutes ago. They integrated their “street view” into the map such that I had this experience: I was looking at a … Continue reading

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Labor Day…

In the movie “When Harry Met Sally” (1989) there is this small moment: It’s just an aside, intended to demonstrate exactly how fastidious and obnoxiously organized Sally is, but it’s interesting; back before technology made that kind of thing a … Continue reading

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