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3 Hours until MapO and Pingster Get Pulled from the App Store

If you’re one of the lucky first 4500 users of MapOmatic, you don’t need to read this – but we’re taking no new user downloads effective at midnight PST and continuing for the next many days at least. The explanation … Continue reading

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Tutorial 2: Bookmarking from Web to Phone

MapOmatic Tutorial 2

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In the Foursquare App Gallery!

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Proud to be Featured on the Google Chrome Web Store!

UPDATED – One week from launching TripTrace and we found ourselves in the distinguished company of Flixster (which warms my ol’ Netflix heart), WeatherBug, and Seesmic – alternating between the “Lifestyle” and “Utilities” sections. Today, two days later, we’ve been … Continue reading

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PlaceBook – Naming Advice!

Dear Friends: I need your help and ask your advice. The product we’ve been building is a new way to approach travel. It’s got a simple interface which looks and works like a book. It’s a little like Myst, if … Continue reading

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No one knows you're a dog, but they know where you are…

For as long as I can remember, the Internet provided an odd kind of shroud: it was frequently possible to have a sort of alter ego online. This 1993 New Yorker cartoon articulated this beautifully, and for more than a … Continue reading

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What's a "social network"?

For a range of reasons, the question has come up around here of what defines a social network. Wikipedia gives this broad statement (which i have slightly edited for length): A social network is a social structure made of individuals … Continue reading

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