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TechCrunch Demo: “Push this button when you want to be found”

Ever refining the art of the pitch, i boiled down the demo to 10 seconds. It worked. Yossi Vardi, the famed inventor-investor, hung out for a bit yesterday. I began my demo “The UX is a single button…” and he … Continue reading

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5 Ping Tips

Quite a busy night of pinging, you crazy pingsters… Here are some basic (perhaps obvious) tips for messing around here and staying smart: Don’t use your real name as your Ping Alias. Sorta obvious. Make your Ping Alias gender neutral. … Continue reading

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4000th download yesterday

Well, it’s not Instagram* but it’s also taken until version 1.3 before it had the stability and features to be worthy of proper release. “Ping” seems to be interesting many people – so we’re going to try a little experiment … Continue reading

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3000th download today

It’s a start. Try ping and invite your friends to try it with you. TIP: you can “re-ping” after you ping, which seems to refresh the pings better. 

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For New Users: a short tutorial for starting out

My mom asked for this. See if this helps you get going… MapOmatic Tutorial

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In the Foursquare App Gallery!

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2000 users…

You know, I was really excited when i realized we hit 2000 users in our first week, with very little press or media attention.  That is, until Scoble reminded me that while it took Foursquare about 7 months to get … Continue reading

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